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  • Hello, My name is Dave George, and I’m an employee at K12. I’m here to provide any kind of information that will help you improve K12’s Wikipedia page. I noticed that the page needs a citation for the following paragraph: At the end of the year, the students are required to take the same state standardized test as a typical "brick and mortar" school.[citation needed] Because K12 operates schools on a state-by-state basis, media coverage is most often state-specific, rather than referring to K12 as a whole. For that re…

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    Who is K12 techno services?

    The Company was incorporated in the year 2010 and has its registered office in Bangalore. It is a company managed by professionals, Sequoia Capital and Navneet Learning LLP are its primary investors. The best interest. Jai Decosta serves as the Managing Director of K12 Techno Services Pvt. Limited.

    K12 Techo Services – Eduction Service Provider



    K12 may refer to:
    • K–12, primary and secondary education in the United States, Canada, and Australia
    • K12 (company), an online education company
    • K12 (mountain)



    k–12, from kindergarten to 12th grade, is an american expression that indicates the range of years of publicly supported primary and secondary education found in the united states, which is similar to publicly supported school grades before college in several other countries, such as afghanistan, australia, canada, china, ecuador, egypt, india, …



    With career readiness, core academics meet a career-focused, college-ready education. Your child can gain real-world skills, find their passion, and explore career options † —all while earning their diploma. Choose from tuition-free and tuition-based Stride K12-powered school options with Stride Career Prep programming for middle school and high school students.



    And as of December 16, 2020, K12 Inc., became Stride, Inc. As a Stride company, we’ll continue serving families and students of Stride K12-powered schools and will expand our reach to offer learning solutions to students of all ages. Learn more about Stride. Key Facts About Stride K12 students have chosen Stride K12-powered schools



    Savarese is the Senior Director of Global Media and Analyst Relations at DMI, a global mobility solutions and digital transformation company. Savarese formerly was the Director of Corporate Communications at K12 Inc., leading PR, executive communications, and internal communications teams. Prior to K12, Savarese led media relations at Lockheed …



    K12 Techno Services Pvt. Ltd. is incorporated under the provisions of The Companies Act, 1956. The Company was incorporated in the year 2010 and has its registered office in Bangalore. It is a company managed by professionals, Sequoia Capital and Navneet Learning LLP are its primary investors. Learn More " An Investment in Knowledge pays "


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    Private Company. Founded 2020. Unknown. Codingal is the online after-school for 270M Indian K-12 students to learn coding by buildings apps, games, and websites. All classes are taught live 1:1 by vetted and trained all-star teachers with Computer Science background, which sets them… https://www.codingal.com



    It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It provides its services to the students from Class 5th to 12th. It offers exam preparation courses and online doubt-solving services for engineering, medical and commerce entrance exams. As of 2021, it has over 16 million students on the platform.

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