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Justice Partners Access Website (JPAW)


Effective Monday, June 19th, 2017, features of the Justice Partner website will move to our new Portal https://portal.monterey.courts.ca.gov.While most of our existing services such as Case Information, Minute Orders, and Calendar information, will move to our new Portal, a few of our services will remain on the Justice Partners website.


Public Portal – Superior Court of Monterey, County of Monterey


Superior Court of California, County of Monterey Case Portal


Superior Court of California, Monterey County


The Superior Court of California, County of Monterey is pleased to announce the completion of its five Salinas courthouse Audio/Visual Courtrooms: Departments 2 though 6. … Court Employees, and Justice Partners (during normal business hours) who have portable computers capable of receiving wireless signals. This access point will allow users …



Jan 05, 2015 · County of Monterey Arraignment Guidelines January 5, 2015 (Updated: 01/10/15 2:00 pm) *All guidelines are subject to the discretion of the Presiding and/or Supervising Criminal Judge and are subject to change without prior notice, and only with PJ …


Justice Partners Access Website (JPAW)


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