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Jury – LA Court – Los Angeles County Superior Court


Jury LA Court Jury This juror site provides basic juror information on preparing for jury service and what to expect while serving, how to complete your jury summons, frequently asked questions, and provides helpful information about the courthouse to which you have been summoned. ATTENTION JURORS: Update regarding jury service during COVID-19



The "My Jury Duty" Web Portal is designed to be a "one stop" shopping center for jurors utilizing the latest in Web technology. It allows jurors to respond to their jury summons in the convenience of their homes and virtually 24/7.


Jury Duty – LA Court


Enter your 9 digit juror identification number (JID No.) which is located on your summons in the juror badge area, displayed on the right in enlarged format. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN No.). Enter your Last Name exactly as it appears on your summons.



Online through the My Jury Duty Portal found here; On the telephone by calling (213) 972-0970 and selecting the "Registration" option from the menu. … On behalf of the Judges and staff, thank you for your service and helping to preserve the right to a jury trial in Los Angeles County.


Does LA County pay for jury duty?


Also know, how much does LA County pay for jury duty? If employers do pay , they have the right to require employees to remit to them the fees received for jury service. Prospective jurors are paid the amount mandated by the State Legislature, $15.00 per day and $0.34 per mile, one way for the second day of service and every day thereafter.

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