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Jury Duty – Respond Summons – Superior Court of …


Step 1) Register by verifying/updating your personal information through the Prospective Juror Login Website. Select button below. Step 2) After registering, follow the reporting instructions for your assigned week. The weekend prior to your service week, select the button below or call the jury line at (408) 808-6666, to receive your jury



Jury Duty Respond Summons Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara Jury Duty – INFORMATION ABOUT JURY DUTY Print INFORMATION ABOUT JURY DUTY Payment of Jury Fees Prospective jurors are paid $15.00 per day and 34¢ per mile, one way from home. There is no payment for the first day of service.



Pursuant to CCP 209, any juror who fails to respond to a jury summons as directed may be found in contempt of court, punishable by fine, incarceration or both. Security of



Please also contact our Jury Services Unit for the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara at (408) 808-6666. Security: What can and cannot be brought into the courthouse/courtroom? When you enter the courthouse, you will go through airport-type security screening. You will walk through a metal detector and your handbags, briefcases …



Jury Summons Information If you have received a jury summons and have been assigned to a juror group you may check your status (as to when you need to call or report for service) by telephone. Phone (209) 966-5603 for reporting instructions and to confirm appearance. You can also view the jury service page for updated trial information online.



Please Note: Persons with disabilities requiring special assistance or accommodation for jury service, please contact the Jury Services Office before your appearance (707) 269-1270. Pursuant to CCP 209, any juror who fails to respond to a jury summons as directed may be found in contempt of court, punishable by fine, incarceration or both.



You must report for jury service if you are qualified and you have not been excused or had your service postponed. Any person who fails to respond may be fined up to $1,500, incarcerated, or both. Carefully follow the instructions on the summons and contact the court if you need help. Transportation



Bring your jury summons with you on the day you report. e. Bring your own bottled water, as a common water dispenser will not be available. … Jury Duty – An Honored Service. SCAM ALERT: Jury Staff of the Superior Court of California, County of Humboldt will never ask past or prospective jurors for financial information, credit card numbers …



Juror Information Grand Jury Report & Response Juror Services You may e-mail Juror Services and we will try to respond to your question. If you need an immediate response (within 10 days of the date your service begins), please call the office at (559)457-1600. What to expect from jury service View these videos on the California Courts website



If you received a jury summons you may check the status of the trial and whether or not you need to appear by calling: (760) 872-2859 Check Online Juror Status Respond to Your Jury Status Confirm your status, or request an extension or excuse. Respond to Your Jury Status Visiting the Court

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